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Enchanting Circuit -India's First Mountain bike Park
Set amidst the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary hides India’s 1st cycling path, the enchanted forest trail has been captivating cycling audience with its pioneering solitude with never-ending landscape and panoramic views is extremely enticing. An experience that's free from the adulteration of city chaos a place where solitude dwells. After meeting up we will give you a short brief and guideline about the experience. We then will start heading towards Jorebunglow taking the backside of Darjeeling town avoiding the highway and busy traffic crossing a beautiful monastery Mak Dhog built-in 1914 for World Peace. Once we reach Jorebunglow and get us tickets for the forest pass we will enter Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. The enchanting circuit begins with empty road and absolute solitude we will be riding inside a dense pine forest which usually plays hide and seek to allow you to see stunning landscapes. When we start ascending towards Chatakpur the highest point 7887 ft the view on our right is open to drown into the mesmerizing landscapes of the neighboring hills. After reaching Chatakpur we slowly start descending towards Rambi a small village and finally all the way down to 3rd Mile a cozy town. From 3rd Mile we head back towards Jorebunglow making it a perfect circuit around Tiger Hill the highest point in Darjeeling 8482 ft. We head back to our starting point where we will conclude. Other things to note We will be mountain biking to explore Darjeeling so a proper set of acitive clothes and shoes will be very helpful.
Watch Calcutta wake up Magic hour tour
Every morning, before the sun is up; the light sensitive Neon street lamps of Calcutta go off just when there is enough light. We call this time the Magic hour, and what better way than to see a city when it's waking up. We hop on to the first tram of the day as the city enters the enchanting Magic Hour. The trams, which used to be the king of the roads, still rule the streets during the magic hour. Meandering through the sleepy 300 year locality of Calcutta in full throttle ,the next few hours are spent visiting some local hidden spots around the oldest part of the city. Before the bustling giant city wakes up we’d have used all the iconic transport modes of Calcutta, enjoyed sights that are just ignored in plain sight, had breakfast in century old hidden spot, gossiped about Bengalis and Calcutta in general, learnt the meaning to “Adda” and a lot more about being a Bong. The “unguided tour” as we call starts with Chai (tea) in a bhaad (earthen cups) and finishes with traditional Bengali breakfast, the best sweets of Calcutta and finding our way through the winding streets back, to the place where we began (the tour we mean).Calcutta capsule for more reviews. Other things to note Uber/App cabs are available all through out the day/night. Please contact us in case you need further assistance booking a cab to the meeting point.
Cycle the Wetlands of Kolkata
Your cycling trip will start with a 3 km city ride till the green eye candy of Kolkata, known as the East Kolkata Wetlands which has a unique bio diversity and practically no pollution and vehicles. This area though open to public is practically unexplored even by the local citizens. It has its unique natural beauty being next to the town but yet an atmosphere which of a Nature holiday. After travelling through hamlets you will love the winding roads with fish ponds and green trails. The views and atmosphere will be a nature lovers paradise. You will also be practically explained why Kolkata is one of the most economic cities due to the wetlands. The ride will last 3 hours depending on your speed and we will have a hot cup of local tea in the wetlands. If you want to do a walking tour please message me or type the following link https://abnb.me/biCE4AePX0 The booking can be done for more people i.e. groups of 5 to 7 maximum. For which please message me. Start times are flexible by half an hour to your convenience(please message and get confirmation) i also do walking tours - for which you can message me or check https://www.airbnb.co.in/experiences/1198088 Other things to note you should be knowing cycling even if you had done it a few years back it does not matter. In case you would like a hiking/walking tour of the wetlands please message me 3 hour options, continuous cycling or rests or reduction of overall time, depends on your skill and stamina
Alleyway Food Tour:Street maze & Food
Calcutta famous for its narrow alleyways known as the By-Lanes exist like a labyrinth in the oldest part of the city. Each alleyway holds a particular treasure at the end; A famous eatery. This food tour not just lets you indulge in mouthwatering dishes that are part of Calcutta's culture for centuries but also delves into the history and story behind the eateries. Local legends and alleyway stories are uncovered in a 3 hour non-stop eating fest. By the end you would've tasted Calcutta's best food and known more about the Bengali's and why they call Calcutta a food lover's paradise. You may See Calcutta Capsule for more reviews or also stay with my family in the only Airbnb Listing of the oldest residential area of Calcutta- Owl's Nest(Super Hosts) Other things to note Requirements: Appetite
Bazaars & Bongs:Calcutta Contrast Tour
The Calcutta Contrast Tour aims in showing you the contrasting cultures Calcutta thrives in. It starts off by visiting India's largest open fruit market and a leisurely break at a secret rooftop to catch the sunset with a never seen before view. The whole sale markets (burrabazar ) are a place where a non Bengali culture has been in place for decades. a city within the heart of the city which is not native. The area is experienced through local food, people and shops. To bring out the contrast a very Bengali area is visited next, college Street. A coffee break at the famous coffee house, initiation to becoming a Bengali and visiting a hidden monastery follows next. Other things to note A lot of Food Tasting and an additional Beer is included. All optional
Kolkata- A sea of faces and a thousand places
This tour is about tracing Kolkata's localization in the form of a real time movie. In the sense that this tour is designed exactly how a movie is made. It is based out of a script which is a monologue about the city. In other words Kolkata narrating her own story as an individual. Begin your journey with the script reading session, where you hear about her journey from past to present. After which we head out for the field trip. The areas that we cover in the field trip have been selected as sets of this movie to enact the script storyboard. The people present in all these areas becomes the cast and the guide functions as the director of this real time movie. This journey is about understanding Kolkata's story in the following ways : 1)History: Transformation from past to present. 2)Geography: Framework in terms of infrastructure and connectivity 3)Economy: Market frameworks and standard of living of different sections of people. 4)Culture: Showcasing various cultural patterns. 5)Food: Tasting the flavours that have emerged out of cultural patterns. It's a 7 hour experience in which we cover a distance of 80 km using various modes of transportation. Other things to note The price does not include transportation and food charges. Hence, carry an additional minimum of INR 500.
Enjoy the nightlife of kolkata
My name is Koyel Tapadar and I'll be hosting you to enjoy the nightlife of the 'City Of joy. I'll take you to clubs which offers live music, good food/drinks and a lot of fun. I'll take you to some unseen clubs which are really fun to hangout with the group. Also the pictures are just a representation of the city. Please note, if you order something inside of the club that will cost you money, plus some clubs asks for entry fees as well for stags, for that you have to pay. Also if there's any issue with the time or place, feel free to contact me, we can plan accordingly. In the end, you'll go home with a new fun loving jolly friend to remember!
Inside Story of Mafia's & RedLight area
Some of the most amazing foods of kolkata are in this city- SPICY; TASTY; SWEETS!!! Some of the most amazing places of Kolkata are in this city- Asia's Largest REDLIGHT DISTRICT " Sonargachi " You'll discover the old buildings and sites of Kolkata City's historic center while you enjoy the different flavors of this original Kolkata cuisine. (VEGETARIANS ARE WELCOME) (DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER ARE NOT INCLUDED) What this tour is about: -Many tasting to share -Nice walk around the hidden parts of the city -What locals actually eat -Lots of FUN -Funny/ Bad JOKES -Pictures and Souvenirs -Smiles -A List of Serious recommendations in Kolkata -New friends from all around the world! What this tour is not about: -Salad -Long Boring speeches Book if: -You are not on a DIET -Food is better than sex -You are ready to get thick Note: -Please message me for another suitable timing for yours. -On request of my various guests travelers, I have designed this experience. You are in good hands and I'm looking forward to showing you around. -Not Your Basic Food tour(All food is Included) Other things to note Please let us know if you are allergic to any food.
Interested in WATCHING a serious practice of Indian WRESTLING: DANGAL? This is a great opportunity to watch Dangal wrestler's serious practice and training from a short distance. Feel the DANGAL world and observe how the practice is usually done. This experience will certainly be unforgettable. Once you meet with me, I will take you to the AKHADA and I will briefly explain how DANGAL wrestler's practice and basic information of DANGAL. Not only a basic information, but also a secret story of DANGAL wrestler's, is what I want to share with you. After you watch a practice, you will have a chance to take pictures with them!! We have a famous Indian Bollywood Movie: "DANGAL": WRESTLING COMPETITION. The film was a record breaking commercial success, becoming the highest- grossing Indian film ever, the fifth highest grossing non - English film ever, and the highest grossing sports film worldwide. The film has also been watched more than 400 million times on Chinese streaming. I would love to share my knowledge on Indian Dangal experiences with my curious friends & travelers! So join whit me, let me show u the "Indian Wrestling- DANGAL" and live it like a local - we're sure to have a great time!!
Dine and Tour in a Permaculture Forest
We will start the tour by introducing you to the simple concept of Permaculture and our zero waste philosophy. We will then take you through a guided walk in our forest where we will showcase some of our working models of waste management and our integrated farming system. We will then take you for a walk towards our terraced gardens and past a bamboo bridge over a gushing mountain stream to introduce you to our Air Dwellings, our natural building that is handcrafted by mostly using just mud, bamboo, wood and stones. The guests are then free to enjoy the various spaces in our forest that appeal to their senses, from sitting by a waterfall to exploring our forest trails to discovering some more secrets of the forest. We will serve lunch at 13:30 hrs. It will be a treat of local cuisine and vegetables that are sourced from our forest farm or from other local organic farmers. If you would like to customize the whole experience as an evening one (15:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs.), pls let us know during the time of booking. We can also extend the experience to include a bonfire evening and stay in one of our accommodations (charges will be extra). Other things to note The tour in our forest garden involves a fair amount of walking (read: hiking) in forest trails. Pls ensure that you have the comfortable shoes and clothes for this experience.
Learn^fun^do events, weddings, movies!
We''ll together discuss on brand building, strategy & innovation. We believe when brand of any business ideas are properly shaped, they become milestones. Since we do what we believe in, it is our assignment to shape your brand and transform it into a venture. If you are interested in knowing, executing, collaborating hire me for: #event concept #event planning #event designing #event production #event marketing #classical music #electronic dance music #hip hop music #holi festivals #party #indoor venues #outdoor venues #venue management #awards #business summit #multi city event tour alignment #advertising #fashions shows #live in concert discovery #artist management #corporate events #movie marketing, PR #Bollywood movie production #brand endorsement #brand designing #brand value #brand story #public relation #wedding planning #Indian wedding #wedding shopping #traditional wedding shopping #media planning & buying #media planning for entrepreneurship story #digital marketing #locals experience *Please note : Message me for another suitable timings of yours. *Total cost of the project, I charge 18%+GST management fees for execution. *(T&C applicable for other variable cost) Other things to note Carry your business cards, notepads, pens & mobile.
Cycling experience in Offbeat Darjeeling areas
A mountain biking experience all the way from Ghoom to Chatakpur which has one of the best scenic routes to ride a cycle on as vehicles do not ply much and the route is full of greenery, you also cross the senchal lake on the process and the Senchal forest. The cycling trail is enjoyable to all, from beginners to proper mountain bikers. Me, myself will be leading the experience incase of any mechanical failure on the way. The designated area starts from the proper route towards Chatakpur, meaning you will not have to ride the bike on busy routes or main roads and can manage time properly to also have a nice tour of Chatakpur or else renting a bike from Darjeeling town tires you out just when you just reach Ghoom, I'll guide you through the Senchal forest till Chatakpur and we can explore the village which hashasa pond known as Kalpokhri and there is also a view point where you can see the other half of Darjeeling.We can have lunch at Chatakpur and leave the area and come back via 3rd mile. The trail is beautiful enough to make people fall in love with mountain Biking in Darjeeling. The experience will be tiring but will be worth the fatigue due to the beautiful trail Senchal forest provides for us. (The Senchal forest is closed due to mating period up till September 15th,we can arrange rides towards other destinations such as lamahatta, sukhia,simana border(indo nepal border)
Prepare Bengali Dish with me
First of all we'll know the story behind my traditional dish over a cup of tea. Then I will start explaining the ingredients used in the traditional dish which we will me preparing for the dinner. After that I'll start preparing the dish with proper demonstration class. Guests will be given separate utensils and ingredients to watch and prepare together. At the end we all will have dinner together.
What's up; party in the CityofJoy
If you're looking for a chill spot to socialize, expand your network while exploring variety of cultures and learning different languages, come Join Us!! Over 20 Members are usually gathered, drink and talk for sharing kolkata life and information of travelling. Let us meet for a sensory and hedonistic evening combining gastronomy, good music in downtown! I have Designed this experience for relaxing our minds from our hectic work schedule and to let travellers enjoy the nightlife in Kolkata. If you want to know what’s behind Kolkata’s join me for a night to remember! Please Note: -Please message me for another suitable timing for yours. -Travelling by car is extra charges. Other things to note Passport Copy, Valid ID's and Photograph on mobile phone.
City tour on Royal Enfield
I v started working in tourism industry since 2012 since then i m making explore kolkata city to our guest in a very typically and authentic way and making their visit great we bring our guest to many famous and infamous places of kolkata to make them discover kolkata from very deep where they can see the real life style of kolkata some nice and historical monuments and also some nice and amazing nature place so we give mix experience of life style historical monuments and nature of kolkata
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