Best Kaféer eller kaffebarer i Rio De Janeiro

Lokalbeboernes favorittsteder

1. Cafeína Constante Ramos
44 R. Constante Ramos
113lokale anbefalinger
Viviane sier “The best cafe in copa, sandwiches, baguettes, coffees, great spot for a light lunch!” ·
2. Bibi Sucos
31 R. Miguel Lemos
97lokale anbefalinger
Juliana & Daniel
Juliana & Daniel sier “Have you ever heard of the famous juices stores of Rio? This is the most famous one: Bibi Sucos. Eno...” ·
3. Felice Ipanema
30 R. Gomes Carneiro
91lokale anbefalinger
Jan sier “Lovely little restaurant with terrace and great vibe. Dishes range from risottos to steaks. Cocktail...” ·
4. Terzetto Café
28 R. Jangadeiros
82lokale anbefalinger
Beto sier “One the best italian restaurants in Rio and one the best wine lists. Waiters are very attentive and ...” ·
5. Cafeína
43 R. Farme de Amoedo
76lokale anbefalinger
Jan sier “Great chain of cafés with good range of pastries and dishes. Good place to watch the world go by. Po...” ·
6. Café e Bar Stalos
986 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
69lokale anbefalinger
Lenka & Juan
Lenka & Juan sier “24h Open Restaurant with cheap prizes and excelent quality! Pizza, Beers, Juices, Candies,... anythi...” ·
7. La Bicyclette
320 Rua Pacheco Leão
63lokale anbefalinger
Godi Gutierrez
Godi Gutierrez sier “The Botanical Garden shows the diversity of Brazilian and foreign flora. There are around 6,500 spec...” ·
8. Polis Sucos
70 R. Maria Quitéria
52lokale anbefalinger
Adrian sier “This is an Ipanema icon. Best juices and acai in town....since the morning of the sun... Their sandw...” ·
9. Cafeina Barata Ribeiro
507 R. Barata Ribeiro
50lokale anbefalinger
Janaina sier “Coffee shop. Great spot to have a breakfast / brunch.” ·
10. Bibi
81 A R. Cupertino Durão
46lokale anbefalinger
Diogo - Estadia Carioca
Diogo - Estadia Carioca sier “Most Famous Leblon Juice Store. Dont forget to order Açaí...” ·
11. Cafecito Café
121 Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno
47lokale anbefalinger
Patricia sier “Beautiful garden where You can enjoy coffee or caipirinha at Santa Teresa. Get a taxi.” ·
12. Apetite Coffee Shop
68 Rua Sousa Lima
35lokale anbefalinger
Patricia Miranda & Paulo
Patricia Miranda & Paulo sier “Enjoy great coffee and Brazilian goodies. Try the cheese bread, chicken pie delights.” ·
13. Maya Café
15 B R. Prof. Ortiz Monteiro
35lokale anbefalinger
Pedro sier “An excellent cafe just across the street. Great options of coffe, frappé, beers and ice cream with e...” ·
14. Boulangerie Guerin
178 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
27lokale anbefalinger
Inês sier “Best french boulangerie of Rio de Janeiro.” ·
15. Sofá Café
300 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
22lokale anbefalinger
Felipe sier “A very nice place to have a breakfast. Nice sandwiches.” ·
16. Jojo Café Bistrô
812 Rua Pacheco Leão
18lokale anbefalinger
Luluta sier “Lovely bistrot with an amazing view and very good food. Have a glass of wine or sparkling wine or co...” ·
17. Bigbi Sucos & Sanduíches
280 R. Barata Ribeiro
16lokale anbefalinger
Nathan sier “Great suco near our place. Good Acai and other Brazilian fruits. Try the Bomba, great start to the m...” ·
18. Antonia House and Cafe
09 R. Dias da Rocha
14lokale anbefalinger
Carla sier “For having a coffee with sweets and buying charming home gifts. Seats on street. / Para tomar um caf...” ·
19. Café 18 do Forte
13lokale anbefalinger
Lucien sier “With a wonderful view of Copacabana Beach this is the place to get a good breakfast or a tea for two...” ·
20. Bendito Cookies Brownies Café
88 Rua Hilário de Gouvêia
14lokale anbefalinger
Katia sier “Amazing coffe and brownies in a charming store.” ·
21. Gaia Art & Café
323 R. Gustavo Sampaio
12lokale anbefalinger
Salazar sier “Good for vegan options, a coffee with internet, Sunday brunch, listening to brazilian music.” ·
22. Sorelle's Cafe
14 R. Cap. Salomão
14lokale anbefalinger
Marianna sier “Cute coffee, with the best brownie I've ever tried in Rio.” ·
23. Otto Café
664 Rua Conde de Bonfim
13lokale anbefalinger
Allan E Aglaia
Allan E Aglaia sier “Great Bakery, try the waffles accompanied by a tasty coffee. Open Daily from 08 to 22hs.” ·
24. Apetite
122 Av. Rainha Elisabeth
13lokale anbefalinger
Pam sier “Offers great coffee and croissant.”
25. Escola do Pão
10 R. Gen. Garzon
12lokale anbefalinger
Antonio sier “Escola do pão has the best breakfast in Rio. The place has an excellent service and the food is supe...” ·
26. Senhor Ca
219 R. Marquês de Abrantes
12lokale anbefalinger
Kika sier “This little venue offers all you need for starting your day with a nice breakfast. Or a sandwich sna...” ·
27. Croasonho
560 R. Barata Ribeiro
11lokale anbefalinger
TiTa sier “Bakery coffee place. Very good filled croassants.” ·
28. Esquina de Santa Cafeteria & Pizzaria
348 R. Monte Alegre
11lokale anbefalinger
Laura sier “Good to have a coffee and an ice cream! I think they have pizzas in the evening too. Closes at 10pm ...” ·
29. Armazém do Café
77 R. Maria Quitéria
10lokale anbefalinger
Fred sier “Good Coffee selection from all over Brazil. You can drink at cafe tables or buy whole bean to go.” ·
30. Botanica Bistrô
14 B R. Cap. Salomão
9lokale anbefalinger