Alt annet om Komme seg rundt i Reykjavik

Lokalbeboernes favorittsteder

1. Ellingsen
4lokale anbefalinger
Sóley And Karen
Sóley And Karen sier “It's a clothing store and adventure store - it's Ellingsen and it's one of the oldest brands in Icel...” ·
2. Hreyfill Taxi
4-6 Hverfisgata
3lokale anbefalinger
Gudrun sier “Get a taxi with TaxiHreyfill app, can call the service through the app to an english speaking dispat...” ·
3. Reykjavik Domestic Airport
34lokale anbefalinger
Arnar sier “Iceland's domestic airport with scheduled flights to a number of destinations. Access from Thorragat...” ·
4. Örninn
8 Faxafen
2lokale anbefalinger
Droplaug sier “A large bike shop and a bike rental.” ·
5. Olís Norðlingaholt
5lokale anbefalinger
Thelma sier “Gas station in 2 minutes walk from the house, road side Gas station with burgers and all essentials....” ·
6. N1
12 Hringbraut
4lokale anbefalinger
Olaf sier “Gas station, fast food and cornershop. Open 24/7” ·
7. N1
3lokale anbefalinger
Hrafnkell sier “N1 - Gas station where you can get quick supplies like milk, bread and butter. It is open until 22 ...” ·
8. Skeljungur
2lokale anbefalinger
Caryna Gladys
Caryna Gladys sier “Gas Station (self-service 24 hours) Notice: name has recently been changed to 'Orkan'” ·
9. Atlantsolía
2lokale anbefalinger
Fífa sier “Gas/Petrol Station - self service.” ·
10. N1
39 Borgartún
3lokale anbefalinger
Hilmar sier “N1 Opening hours Mán.-Fim: 7:30-22:00 Fös: 7:30-22:00 Lau: 9:00-22:00 Sun: 10:00-22:00” ·
11. N1
2lokale anbefalinger
Karl sier “This is a gas station just 4 min walk from our house, it´s open 24 / 7 and it has SUBWAY and a great...” ·
12. Olís Hamraborg
12 Hamraborg
3lokale anbefalinger
Víkingur sier “Gas station and small shop” ·