Best Museer i Oklahoma City

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1. Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
620 North Harvey Avenue
70lokale anbefalinger
Blake sier “The Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal Building was a domestic act of terrorism in which th...” ·
2. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
1700 NE 63rd St
45lokale anbefalinger
Kim sier “The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum preserves and embodies the histories and cultures of t...” ·
3. Oklahoma City Museum of Art
415 Couch Drive
41lokale anbefalinger
January sier “There are some museums that are must-sees just because. The Smithsonian for example. Now, our local ...” ·
4. Science Museum Oklahoma
2100 NE 52nd St
22lokale anbefalinger
Amy sier “I haven't been here in years but the kids love it (and you may too). Last time I went I had to get ...” ·
5. Oklahoma History Center
800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive
7lokale anbefalinger
Elisha sier “Permanent exhibits are terrific. Walking exhibits take you through different eras in Oklahoma histo...” ·
6. Museum of Osteology
10301 South Sunnylane Road
6lokale anbefalinger
Mark sier “I never get tired of revisiting this unique museum. Nothing but skeletons! Everything from mice to h...” ·
7. 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City
900 W Main St
3lokale anbefalinger
Laura sier “Great place for a date night. This hotel has a free museum, a happening bar, and an upscale restaur...” ·
8. 45th Infantry Division Museum
2145 NE 36th St
2lokale anbefalinger
Stephanie sier “Military history artifacts and memorabilia. One of the largest U.S. collections of Hitler's persona...” ·
9. Edmond Historical Society & Museum
431 S Blvd
2lokale anbefalinger
Clayton sier “The museum will re-open sometime in early spring 2016” ·
10. Science Museum
4lokale anbefalinger
Chad And Macy
Chad And Macy sier “Warning: If you have kids, the Science Museum will make them want to come back to Oklahoma City all ...” ·
11. Red Earth
1lokale anbefalinger
Brenna sier “Native American history and culture are important. Red Earth in a gallery with a collection of Nativ...”
12. Oklahoma Railway Museum
3400 NE Grand Blvd
1lokale anbefalinger
Jeanne sier “Ride the train - LIMITED Schedules ”
13. USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex
2801 Northeast 50th Street
1lokale anbefalinger
The Mansion
The Mansion sier “The ASA Hall of Fame Stadium - widely regarded as the finest softball facility in the nation. Host...”
14. Plaza Walls
1739 NW 16th St
1lokale anbefalinger
Matt sier “Shhhh! Not everyone knows yet. Artful murals painted in the alley.”
15. American Banjo Museum
9 E Sheridan Ave
1lokale anbefalinger
Bc sier “Rad”
16. Harn Homestead
1721 N Lincoln Blvd
2lokale anbefalinger
Andrea sier “Home Tour!” ·