Alt annet om Matscene i Eindhoven

Lokalbeboernes favorittsteder

1. d'n kleine dommel
47a Collseweg
2lokale anbefalinger
Frosina sier “If you have kids this is the go to place on sunny Sundays to relax and have lunch while the kids pla...” ·
2. New York Pizza Veldhoven
12A Burgemeester van Hoofflaan
2lokale anbefalinger
Lin sier “Pizza restaurant domino's pizza in dezelfde straat schuin tegenover: w...” ·
3. Banketbakkerij Michiels
9 Woenselse Markt
1lokale anbefalinger
Laurette Virginia
Laurette Virginia sier “Great bread, cakes and a whole lot of delicious goodies ! Just cross the street”
4. Two B by Brown's Eindhoven
9 Keizersgracht
1lokale anbefalinger
Madelon sier “Best sandwich place, and right around the corner”
5. SushiPoint Eindhoven
133a Aalsterweg
1lokale anbefalinger
Fernando sier “Sushi home delivery or take away that's pretty good.”
6. Domino's Pizza Eindhoven Stratum
1 Nigellapad
1lokale anbefalinger
Mauri sier “Good delivery pizza, if you want to stay in. ”
7. Oita Sushi
315B Hoogstraat
1lokale anbefalinger
Renée sier “Good take away sushi to order if you want to stay in.”
8. Afhaalcentum Phuong Loan
8 Rapportstraat
1lokale anbefalinger
Marjan sier “tiny little restaurant (vietnamese and thai) but very, very good. Diner will be served with fresh go...”
9. De Pomp Eindhoven
37 Eindhovenseweg
1lokale anbefalinger
Wilma sier “for the best hand-made fresh fried frietjes in the Netherlands.. top-listed in the national competit...”
10. Cigkoftem Eindhoven
144 Kruisstraat
1lokale anbefalinger
Frosina sier “OK this place makes a DELICIOUS vegetarian dish from Turkey called Cigkoftem. Originally it's made w...”
11. Oriëntal Green House
281 Aalsterweg
1lokale anbefalinger
Mark sier “Goede kwaliteit”