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Parker og natur i Sofia

De beste parkene

“Boris's Garden is the largest park in Sofia. First, the park is called the Nursery, later called Pipiniere. Until 1885 the park is also popular as the Tsarigradska garden. After the birth of the Crown Prince Boris Tarnovski was renamed the Knyaz Borisova Garden. Under the totalitarian regime (1944-1989) the name was changed to Park of Freedom. Following the democratization of the country, the park was again named Boris III.”
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“You will be surprised how green Sofia is. Large parks and smaller green areas are one of Sofia’s great advantages. Make sure to enjoy at least a couple of hours walking around Geo Milev park, South Park or Borisova Garden (Sofia’s largest park). ”
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“Awesome park for chill and walk. Nice place to hang out with family or friends and also there are a couple of historical monuments which are quite interesting. ”
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“A small park full of sculptures, a great place to enjoy in spring and summertime.”
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“Great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the National Theatre Ivan Vazov. ”
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“At the centre of this neat garden there is a monument, dedicated to the medics, who gave their life in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878). Hence the name. The garden’s lawns are always well trimmed, with beautiful hedges, many benches, plenty of lights, and even ancient ruins. Favorite place for parents and children during the day and a cool spot for beer or two at night. We predict that the Doctor’s garden will be a trending spot in 2016. ”
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“The Crystal cafe-bar after which the garden is named no longer exists but the spirit of its clients (dissident writers, poets and artists) still lives on. In the last few years the garden, overseen by a monument of notorious politician Stefan Stambolov, established itself as the favourite place for the free-minded youths of the city. With two bars and several 24h liquor stores nearby, Crystal is definitely the place to be during a summer night.”
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“As soon as he arrived in 1887, Prince Ferdinand I invited Plovdiv city gardener, Swiss Shavalas, to revamp the alley network, build glazed pavilions for flower gardens and enrich the vegetation in the Botanical Garden. Austria was invited by the gardener, J. Kelerer, to form a large rock garden with several thousand rare species. The greenhouses were built in 1893 by arch. Friedrich Grünanger. Since 1891, a zoo has been organized by the prince in the garden. The Prince and Gardens Prof. J. Lochho, J. Fry and J. Morrisse structure a botanical and decorative exotic department. In 1903 an elegant secession cast iron fence was built with stone pillars of arch. Georgi Fingov .”
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