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Best things to do in Pittsburgh

Art Museum
“The Andy Wahol Museum is the largest museum in North America that is dedicated to a single artist. In case you don't know who Andy Warhol was, he was a Pittsburgh-born pop art icon.”
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Art Museum
“This is one of our favorite museums in the world! Mostly installation based work.”
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History Museum
“Discover Science and wonders of the natural world. This is where the HUGE dinosaur bones are on display. They also have a beautiful Gem and Crystal room. There is something for everyone here.”
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Science Museum
“Four floors of interactive exhibits, greats for kids of all ages and adults young at heart. Sportworks is also located here, for active fun for kids to throw, kick and climb.”
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History Museum
“Devoted to the history and heritage of Western Pennsylvania, the History Center is Pennsylvania's largest history museum and a proud affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute. It has 6 floors of historical exhibits, archives & a separate sports museum. It is also wheelchair accessible.”
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Sculpture Garden
“Randyland is home of artist, Randy Gilson, Located in the Mexican War Streets district of Pittsburgh's Northside, the Randyland Courtyard is open most everyday from 10am and 7pm. Visitors are welcome to come and explore the public art displays in and around the property. Using paints, plants, plastic animals, yard sale finds and discarded construction materials, creator Randy Gilson has transformed his home and surrounding buildings into a colorful Pittsburgh Landmark. This vibrant set of buildings is a centerpiece that continues to attract both tourists and locals”
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“Interactive play for kids from MAKESHOP (a place to tinker with tools, a loom, sewing machine), an Art Studio, Water play area and more”
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“This museum takes ALL day pretty much. It is enormous, and totally worth the time and money. This museum has an impressive range of art/history and is a great daytime activity for anyone who appreciates that sort of thing. I know I do!”
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Art Gallery
“The Exhibit now is a gorgeous collection of garments fashioned out of hand painted paper. ”
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Bicycle Store
“Part museum, part bike shop, 100% amazing. Come check out all of the memorabilia and take a peak at the original bike from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. ”
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“Carnegie Museum of Natural History, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, is among the top natural history museums in the country. It maintains, preserves, and interprets an extraordinary collection of artifacts, objects, and scientific specimens used to broaden understanding of evolution, conservation, and biodiversity. Carnegie Museum of Natural History generates new scientific knowledge, advances science literacy, and inspires visitors of all ages to become passionate about science, nature, and world cultures.”
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“There's a 16-foot diorama showing 18th-century Pittsburgh in miniature. What's not to love!”
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“Very small, quirky museum dedicated to the impact humans have on the natural world. Only open on Sundays”
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“Only museum in the country dedicated to all 5 branches of the military is only a mile away!”
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“Museum dedicated to the art of cartooning, including exhibits of original works & workshops.”
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