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Best things to do in Osaka

History Museum
“The museum is introducing the history of Osaka from ancient times. It is located across from the southwest corner of Osaka Castle Park. Official Website: http://www.mus-his.city.osaka.jp/eng/”
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Art Museum
“Art exhibitions from Japan and overseas. The National Art Museum of Osaka (国立国際美術館, Kokuritsu Kokusai Bijutsukan) occupies two underground floors on Nakanoshima Island in central Osaka. The museum focuses on Japanese and foreign contemporary art, with exhibitions from the museum collection and special exhibitions.”
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Science Museum
“Interactive museum about science. The Osaka Science Museum (大阪市立科学館, Ōsaka Shiritsu Kagakukan) on Nakanoshima Island has four floors of interactive exhibits and displays. The museum was designed with children in mind and takes visitors through displays on the universe, chemistry, electricity and energy. A science show is held three times a day (in Japanese only). ”
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History Museum
“くらしの今昔館 Recommend for those love histry. Osaka museum of housing and living is great spot to know Osaka. Getting popular for tourists. Afternoon is better to visit, because morning is crowded.”
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“Ceramics are crafts for practical use and mankind’s first-ever invention of the kind that involve chemical changes. Many aesthetically splendid works of art have been produced during the long history of ceramics. East Asian ceramics, in particular, have been highly praised and appreciated worldwide.”
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Government Building
“A museum introducing Japanese mint. There is a quiet garden with cherry blossom trees. Miscellaneous currency collection museum.”
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Indoor Play Area
“A museum for kids where they can experience many different activities and workshops.”
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“A small museum that displays traditional Ukiyo-e prints depicting Kabuki actors.”
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Art Museum
“The Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts is a museum located in Tennōji Park, Tennōji-ku, Osaka, Japan. The museum focuses on Japanese and east Asian art.”
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“The former Suntory Museum was renamed as the Osaka Culturarium at Tempozan in 2013. Exhibitions of various kinds are displayed in the gallery. 오사카 문화관 텐포잔”
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Shopping Mall
“A museum located in the tallest building in Japan. Introducing Western art and Buddhist art at the exhibition.”
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“About 30 powerful leading corporations and organizations that represent Japan introduce cutting-edge technology related to daily lives in an easy-to-understand manner.”
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Art Museum
“大阪の由緒ある美術館。 2019/2/16~5/12まで、期間限定でフェルメール展が 来ています。この機会に是非。 A venerable museum in Osaka. From 2019/2/16 to 5/12, Vermeer exhibition is limited for a limited time Come. Come on this occasion.”
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“A museum with a collection and exhibition of tea ceremony utensils collected for over 50 years by Mr. Teiichi Yuki.”
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“大阪たこ焼きミュージアム At "TAKOYAKI Museum", five Osaka famous popular Takoyaki restaurants, which Osaka people recommend with confidence, gathered together, from the original Takoyaki of the Orthodox to the creative takoyaki of commitment to Takoyaki, a distinctive taste you can have fun.”
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“This Osaka Prefectural museum collects, conserves and exhibits materials and documents on Kamigata (the old name of the Kyoto-Osaka area) comedy and performing arts.”
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