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De beste anbefalingene fra lokalbefolkningen

Finn ut hva som gjør byen unik med hjelp fra lokalbefolkningen – alt fra omvisninger til skjulte perler.
“Coffee shop directly across the street. They have delicious croissant/egg/cheese sandwiches.”
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Street Address
“coffee on the first floor of building!!! so convenient and really good...they also have a csa you can sign up for”
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“They don't just bake their own bread here, they mill their own flour! Delicious bread, cakes and coffee in a fantastic big industrial bakery, open to the public.”
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Performing Arts-scene
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“Used to be party houses and studios at a point sometimes they host parties or small gallery openings ”
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Art Gallery
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Street Address
“This are the famous Mckibben Lofts, it's full of young people and it's close to Williamsburg. Great location for unknown restaurants and music venues are always here.”
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