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Finn ut hva som gjør byen unik med hjelp fra lokalbefolkningen – alt fra omvisninger til skjulte perler.

“2/9 Street, 3.5km from the hotel, 8 minutes by car The establishment of a Cham sculpture museum in Da Nang was first proposed in 1902 by the Department of Archaeology of EFEO. Henri Parmentier, a prominent archaeologist of the department, made great contributions to the campaign for its construction. Reportedly founded in 1915 as the Musée Henri Parmentier, its first building opened in 1919 and was designed by two French architects, M. Deleval and M. Auclair, who were inspired by Parmentier to use some traditional Cham elements in the composition. Prior to the establishment of the museum, the site was known as the "garden of sculptures" and many Cham sculptures that had been collected in Da Nang, Quang Nam and elsewhere had been brought there over the preceding twenty years.”
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“Han market is very famous in Danang, a lot of tourists come and buy local food, souvenir, ao dai traditional dress.... it takes 10 mins from Fuji. Please take care your bag/mini bag during going shopping here.”
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Shopping Mall
“Biggest mall in Danang at the moment. Also have a CGV cinemas with English Subtitle!”
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“Con Market is one of the most popular attractions of Da Nang. You can find various type of food as well as other goods as you browse through the stalls. They sell lots of Vietnamese traditional products at reasonable prices - these make great gifts! Tip: The crowded stalls are the best stalls ;)”
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“The closest mall, bunch of stuffs that you can buy for souvenirs, foods, clothes.”
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Amusement Park
“Amusement park with a massive Ferris wheel & other rides plus themed areas based on Asian countries.”
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“Dragon Bridge is considered a symbol of Danang with the shape of the first dragon facing the sea. Dragon Bridge is 666m long with 6 lanes. A special feature that attracts people and visitors to Dragon Bridge is the spraying and sprinkler screens that take place weekly at 21:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.”
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Vietnamesisk restaurant
“Very good for Vietnamese fried pancake. There are too noisy and busy if you go with old or with baby need somewhere else have aircon.”
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“If you prefer a loud music with crowd pub, that's the one. Open until late. A bit touristy tho ”
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“Designed with a traditional old style. Very famous with coconut coffee, you should try this kind of coffee when you go there. ”
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“Best Pizza in town, they famous for their signature cheese. They also have vegetarian options. The price is a bit upscale compare to other restaurant in town but the food is so delicious. ”
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Rock Club
“Chosen by most of local young people for live music. The drink is ok. Open until late. ”
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“Good for group from 6-12 ppl, live music, good beverage, reasonable price (200k -500k VND per person)”
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“The Dragon Bridge is famous place, and there are fire and water spring every weekend, it's really amazing.”
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“New Phuong Dong comes with music that will blast your eardrums and spectacular laser showa. Drinks are even more expensive here but at least they have a dance floor that some people were actually enjoy.”
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General Entertainment
“5 mins by taxi/ bike to Helio Recreation Center. It is an Entertainment complex and the largest night market in Da Nang. A lot of local food, night market, games, live music every night. I think this is one of a good place you should take a look and enjoy with your friends, partner and family. ”
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