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Best things to do in Cambridge

Science Museum
“This is a great place to go to for adults and children a like. You can also hop on an iconic Duck Boat Tour here!”
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Science Museum
“Wonderful intimate museum with a hand-pulled glass botany exhibit that will blow your mind, minerals exhibited in beautiful wood and glass display cases, a variety of dinosaur, bird and animal exhibits. ”
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Art Museum
“Pollack, Van Gogh, and Renaissance Art all in a building designed by Renzo Piano, this museum is a gem that deserves a visit, even if just for an hour.”
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Science Museum
“Museum - If you dig STEM, the MIT Museum is a great destination. A smaller museum (2 hours) with impressive collections: kinetic sculptures, numerous interactive displays, interesting display of holograms. Good mix of design, photography as well as engineering pieces made by faculty. Afterwords, grab a bite to eat at Naco Taco or treat yourself to Flour's bakery items.”
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“A must check out Library. Its our pride. Take your laptop and spend a few hours working from here. You will be refreshed. ”
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“Live music and performances, as well as studios with classes in the basement. On Saturday mornings in the summer you will find a robust farmers market, with everything from vegetables to chocolate to soap to tamales.”
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Art Museum
“Basement exhibition of paintings & sculptures that do not conform to conventional aesthetics.”
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Historic Site
“A historic site located at 105 Brattle Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For almost fifty years, it was the home of noted American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It had previously served as the headquarters of General George Washington, 1775-76. Near Harvard Square.”
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History Museum
“Interesting exhibits, we go to the MesoAmerica one every Day of the Dead and enjoy it. ”
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“A great local secret! There is a branch library right around the corner a few blocks from our location. Do check out the Cambridge Collins Branch Library on Aberdeen Ave. Then hop onto the NO 72 electric trolley bus for a direct ride to Harvard Square for more bookstores and the main Cambridge Library!”
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Art Gallery
“Hidden and lonely is this little exhibition room with interesting acoustic, visual, and modern arts installations.”
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Book Store
“Kill time waiting for your East Coast Grill table to open up by browsing the books. ”
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College Quad
“The only Le Corbusier building in America. Take the ramp through the building!”
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“The center used to be two mansions on Marlborough at Berkley. Worth a visit, especially if you speak French. It's an easy walk 21 minutes or 1 mile from your front door.”
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“About 1 block away. They have a kids area upstairs with a few toys and lots of books. On Tuesdays at 11:00am they have a Toddler Storytime. On Thursdays at 11:30, they have a sing along for the children. Our son loves it.”
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