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St. Germain - 3Br - Sleeps 6

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You haven’t truly experienced Paris until you immerse yourself in the city’s cultural capital: the beautiful, and always fascinating, 6e Arrondissement. You’ll find your exquisite 3-bedroom villa nestled right in the heart of St-Germain-des-Prés, a neighborhood renowned for its historic boulevards, café culture, boutiques and world-class dining. St. Germain villa occupies the third floor of a stunning Haussmann-style building. It’s located on a quiet street, but is just steps from the bustling sidewalks of central Paris’ most legendary streets. A daily caretaker and housekeeping service three times per week ensure that the home maintains its pristine aura throughout your continental séjour. St. Germain holds a special allure for antiques aficionados, as the neighborhood boasts many of the world’s best dealers; what’s more, your villa includes free antique consultation services from a local expert. The interior reflects the French love of the old and the new. At its core, St. Germain is every bit a classical French home, with floor-to-ceiling French windows, a mixture of natural stone and wood flooring, ornate ceiling moldings, and lavish touches like towering columns and decorative window covers. But it is also infused with contemporary accents like tatami mats, modern Chinese art and state-of-the-art appliances. The immense salon features two living room areas with Parisian views spilling in. The kitchen manages to charm and impress at the same time, while the dining area holds two tables that can be combined into one, for grande soirées. Like the rest of the villa, you’ll be delighted by the blend of classic and contemporary in the completely unique bedrooms. The Master suite contains an original four-poster canopy bed, complemented by bright artwork and antique fittings. Its well-appointed en-suite features a distinctive dual wood-cabinet vanity. The two remaining bedrooms also hold fine furnishings and their own en-suite, allowing all guests to enjoy a relaxed experience. The best way to see Paris is on foot, and you’ll find many of the city’s iconic attractions within walking distance of your villa. Visit elegant, haute-couture shops, or stop for an espresso at Les Deux Magots, as you weave your way through a mixture of quiet streets and busy boulevards on your way to the Louvre. Make a pilgrimage to the Jardins du Luxembourg, where every local goes for peaceful reflection. Copyright © 2015 Luxury Retreats. All rights reserved...
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Paris, Frankrike
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