The realm of the wild Malayan tigers

The realm of the wild Malayan tigers

Duration:8 timer totalt
Includes:1 billett og Utstyr
Languages:Tilbys på Engelsk
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Om verten din

The Malaysian rainforest is one of the most fantastic ecosystems on the planet. It is still vast and wild, exciting and enthralling but also paradoxically calming at the same time. Unfortunately this is under threat due to negative human encroachment issues including the poaching of tigers and their prey. The MYCAT model of empowering citizens to enable them to help protect the forest and…


Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) focused exclusively on the conservation of tigers, their habitats and prey species in Malaysia. MYCAT developed Malaysia's first National Tiger Conservation Action Plan, the roadmap that details the direction and specific actions required to secure a future for wild Malayan tiger populations. This programme implements one of the Plan's actions.
Dette er en opplevelse med sosial påvirkning hvor 100% av det du betaler for denne opplevelsen går til MYCAT. .

Dette skal vi gjøre

Protect the wild tigers, other endangered wildlife and forests at the Yu River Tiger Corridor from illegal hunting, logging, mining and other destructive activities. Such crimes are reported to MYCAT's Wildlife Crime Hotline who relays the information to authority for enforcement action. I will brief everyone on safety before entering the forest. The jungle trekking usually lasts for 5 hours…

Annet du bør vite

There is no public transport available to the Yu River Tiger Corridor. The most convenient way to get there and back from where you are is to get on a chauffeured rental car.

Hva jeg vil skaffe

Forest entry permit
Digging & planting tools

Hva du skal ta med

Clothes suitable for walking in forests
Outdoor boots, hiking shoes that can get wet
Whistle and day pack
First Aid kit and/or personal medications
Torchlight or head torch with spare batteries
A hat and hiking stick
A lunch pack and snacks
Poncho or rain jacket with hood
Binoculars, camera
Insect repellent
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Ny opplevelse
1 730 kr per person